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200,000 plants sold across BWG Foods retail network in 8 weeks

SPAR is one retail brand owned and operated by BWG Foods. Photo: BWG Foods.

BWG Foods reported €1m in new sales as retailers supply gardening products during Covid-19 lockdown.



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21 May 2020

BWG Foods, owners and operators of the SPAR, EUROSPAR, MACE, Londis, and XL brands, have reported significant demand for gardening products during the lockdown period, with sales surpassing €1m over the past eight weeks. 

Before garden centres and DIY stores opened on Monday, May 18, BWG Foods supplied flowering and bedding plants, compost, and other key gardening products to their network of over 1,000 community-based stores across Ireland, resulting in a new stream of business for many retailers. 

BWG Foods made the decision to supply gardening products so that customers could continue to maintain their gardens during the Covid-19 lockdown period, with gardening becoming an increasingly popular activity, driven primarily by recent travel and movement restrictions.

In total, over 200,000 plants have been sold across SPAR, EURPOSPAR, MACE, Londis, and XL stores nationwide since March 23. The sale of gardening products through Ireland’s grocery retail sector has continued to provide a critical sales channel for Irish growers and nurseries during what would normally be their busiest trading period of the year in supplying seasonal summer produce.

“While people have been confined to their homes during the lockdown period, many have embraced their gardens as a healthy means of passing time.”, said Willie O’Byrne, managing director of BWG Foods.

“We have a network of over 1,000 community-based stores across the country, meaning we had the ability to cater to a very significant proportion of the population’s gardening needs, while they respect the Covid-19 travel restrictions. This is evident from the €1m [in] sales registered during the period and is another terrific example of how our local retailers have been adapting to serve communities in these uncertain times.”, he said.

Through its retail network, BWG Foods will continue to supply gardening products into the near future, supporting communities through all-inclusive stores that service a wide range and variety of different needs in different localities, beyond grocery retail.

The supply of such products will help those who continue to be impacted by current travel restrictions; providing a close option for vulnerable people and those that wish to limit the number of shops they visit.

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