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Hort Science Online presentations for 2023 are now live

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Presentations cover sustainable growing media nutrition and water management as well as plant health



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6 April 2023

The next six topical and practical Hort Science Online presentations for 2023 are now live with the launch of HSO 2.

In his presentation, Andrew Wilson, ICL technical manager for professional horticulture, highlights the importance of trace elements in plant nutrition, while Steve Chapman, ICL technical area sales manager for the SE of England, looks at a range of scenarios on the nursery where H2Gro can save labour and water.

Turning to plant health, Sean Loakes, Syngenta’s technical manager for ornamentals, explains how to apply Mainspring to best effect; while Sam Rivers, ICL technical manager for controls, details how Vitalnova Triboost amplifies plant vitality and reports on a recent trial at a leading peat-free nursery.

Steph Godliman, from Defra’s tree health policy team, outlines the department’s new plant biosecurity strategy for Britain, while Karl Ducker of Mr Evergreen, talks about how he has used nematodes to successfully control vine weevil on his nursery for many years.

“Our second series of presentations brings growers practical advice to hone techniques around the use of beneficial nematodes to control vine weevil and the use of H2Gro to resolve water management issues around the nursery,” said Brendan Howell ICL sales development manager for professional horticulture across Ireland.

“HSO 2 also features the launch of Vitalnova Triboost – our new microbial inoculant for peat-reduced/free growing media while Syngenta explains how to get the most out of its recently launched broad-spectrum insecticide Mainspring.”

“As before, to help bring the content to life, the presentations have been predominantly filmed on UK and Irish nurseries,” continued Brendan. “Growers can login remotely, at a time to suit, and in the process gain BASIS and NRoSO points.”

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