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Meet SNRG’s Polybuild range

SNRG Horti Structures represent Polybuild who have been manufacturing and marketing horticultural polytunnel structures for over 40 years.

SNRG Horti Structures supply and install structures and equipment within the horticultural industry throughout Ireland and the UK - notably polythene and glass greenhouses and screening systems. Check out their Polybuild range.



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21 June 2018

Polybuild have been manufacturing and marketing horticultural polytunnel structures for over 40 years. They have established a strong reputation for supplying high-quality polythene tunnels throughout the UK and Ireland.

Polybuild Single-Spans

The Polybuild range of polytunnel greenhouses are strong, durable and easy to install as well as attractively priced, providing commercial growers the widest possible choice to achieve the ideal environment for crop production. The straight sides provide economic working and growing space right to the sides. Additional bracing and crop supports are included as standard on the 10m structure. Side ventilation is optional but recommended when the polytunnel is over 20m long. Hoops are spaced between 1.25m and 2.5m apart.


  • Single span polytunnels from 3 metres to 10 metres wide in any length.
  • All steel fully galvanised inside and out using high tensile Z35 industrial quality steel.
  • A whole range of polythene, flame retardant PVC, and woven materials are used for cladding.
  • End frames are constructed of timber or a combination of steel and aluminium.
  • Hoop spacings are variable (1.25 metres to 2.5 metres), dependent on weather conditions for the area in which the structure is to be erected.
  • We manufacture our own steel doors which can be made-to-measure as hinged or sliding panels.
  • Timber doors are joinery-made using mortise and tenon joints for additional strength.

Polybuild Multi-Spans

Straight sided multispan polytunnels have vertical steel gutter posts and aluminium valley gutters between spans with a straight side of 1.68m before the curve of the hoop along the sides. Standard hoop spacing is 2.5m. Any number of spans can be joined together. Vertical sided multispan polytunnels are 2.5m and tall vertical steel gutter posts throughout, with aluminium side and valley gutters. This allows maximum space usage with even greater flexibility with full height ventilation and access. These structures are available as single or multiple span polytunnel units and can easily be extended as your business grows.


  • CAD designed to ensure that each structure is braced to transmit loadings to ground level.
  • Aluminium rails, gutters and timber side rails are available to fit all cladding material.
  • Irrigation systems can be incorporated into all structures. Overhead systems are generally attached to crop supports.
  • Doors are an essential part of a polythene tunnel. Polybuild manufacture galvanised steel polycarbonate clad sliding doors. These can also be hinged. Very simple ruche-up flaps may also be used. Doors can be fitted into the sides of the tunnel on longer structures.
  • Ventilation options that include wind up sides, doors or over-lintel vent panels can also be provided.

For detailed information please follow the link to Polybuild’s website.

For more information and to get in contact with SNRG Horti Structures click here.

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