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The Eco-Lawn 250 topdresser from Geaney & O’Neill

This Eco-Lawn Topdresser will spread compost, natural fertilisers, lime, and sand; saving countless hours of labour and dramatically increasing efficiency. Photo: Geaney & O'Neill.

The Eco-Lawn 250 is designed and manufactured by landscape professionals to make topdressing easy and accessible, all while improving the quality of the turf.


Sports & Parks

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28 January 2019

Available exclusively from Geaney & O’Neill, the Eco-Lawn 250 topdresser is quite simply the most versatile and manoeuvrable self-propelled topdresser on the market.

What is topdressing?

Topdressing is the application of a uniform thin layer of soil or finely granulated organic material applied over the turf surface. Topdressing is used to level the playing field when minor variations or depressions are apparent; helping to amend physical soil properties, creating a better growing environment for the turf, and helping to reduce thatch.

Why would you need it?

A topdresser saves two highly valuable assets – money and time. Ecolawn’s products were created so that topdressing no longer has to be a time-consuming, back-breaking process.

The applicators are designed and manufactured by landscape professionals to make topdressing easy and accessible, all while improving the quality of the turf. The applicators were created to cover more turf in less time so that you can focus on growing your business.

There is no learning curve when operating the Eco-Lawn 250; operating the machine is as simple as loading the hopper with material, starting the motor, opening the feeding trap, and engaging the conveyor.


At the bottom of the hopper, a textured conveyor transports the product to an agitator which breaks up the product as required. The product is then sent to an adjustable feeding trap and falls onto the rotary disk that evenly spreads the product onto the ground.

It is the combination of these systems which allows for the efficient application of both wet and dry products. It is important to note that the moisture level of products should not exceed 60%.


  • Completely self-propelled and highly manoeuvrable.
  • Multiple uses eg can spread sand, fertiliser, compost etc.
  • One person operation.
  • Compact Design will easily fit though a standard 36-inch gate.
  • Light-weight for ease of transport.
  • Conveyor system and agitator maintain steady material flow for consistent, even spreading.
  • Efficient application of both wet and dry product.
  • User friendly adjustment system.
  • Four wheel design for increased weight distribution and stability.

Who will require topdressing?

  • GAA, tennis, soccer, rugby, and cricket clubs.
  • Golf and pitch & putt courses.
  • Schools.
  • Astro-turf pitches.
  • Garden centres.
  • Sports field contractors.
  • Large residential areas.
  • Public parks, towns, and institutions.

Check out Geaney & O’Neill’s website — — for more videos and information or check out their twitter page @GeaneyL. Alternatively, call into their stores today: Brooklodge, Glanmire, Co Cork. Tel: 021-4822465 / West Street, Tallow, Co Waterford. Tel: 058-55970.

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