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4 commercial mowers newly available from Geaney & O’Neill

Grasshopper, Tru-Turf, Iseki, and Castlegarden models are newly available from Geaney & O’Neill.


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24 October 2018

The following commercial mowers are now available from Geaney & O’Neill Commercial Mowers, check out their entire stock here.

Grasshopper 430D

  • 30 hp 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled Kubota diesel engine.
  • Turf tires.
  • 61-inch (154.9 cm) DuraMax® deck.
  • Mowing speeds up to 17.7 KPH.

The Grasshopper 430D. Courtesy of Geaney & O'Neill Commercial Mowers.

Designed for fuel economy and extended service life for operating efficiency. Fast and powerful to get the job done on time, every time. Enjoy the legendary Power of a Kubota 3-cylinder MaxTorque Clean Diesel engine. You’ll enjoy the comforts of delivering a picture perfect cut in less time than you’d expect.

Robust, design-matched G2 hydrostatic transmissions with CoolFan hydrostatic pump cooling system and 7 micron absolute filter partnered with wheel motors create a fully hydraulic system for smooth, responsive steering and less maintenance with 1000-hour fluid change intervals.

Only five Access-Eze lubrication points cut maintenance time up to 80%.

14-cm (5.5in) deep DuraMax decks with anvil-edged design for exceptional durability easily convert from wide-pattern side discharge to optional mulching. The hydraulic switch makes cutting height change fast and simple.

The 45.4L/12.0gal single fuel tank lowers the centre of gravity, providing more traction and stability for an enhanced rid. The standard bumper protects the rear of the mower while preserving easy access and removal of the service shield.

Optional four-spindle dedicated rear-discharge decks evenly distribute clippings out the back for a smooth cut and no windrowing to provide the quality cut you expect.

Tru-Turf RS48-11E

The versatile RS48-11E incorporates all Tru-Turf’s industry leading features and in addition, productivity is increased with 12v LED lights for early morning or late night runs. A slicer is also fitted as standard to help eliminate dry spots, remove excess water from greens, and increase oxygen levels in the soil.

The TRU TURF RS48-11E. Courtesy of Geaney & O'Neill Commercial Mowers.

Tru-Turf’s gasoline golf greens rollers have a power-train designed to handle the toughest operating conditions, utilising a Honda 6.5HP OHV engine with lighting coil, coupled to a heavy duty Eaton 11 Hydrostatic transmission, stainless steel oil reservoir and heavy duty, low oil pressure steel lines.

All Tru-Turf Greens Rollers have a rubber coated, non-stick drive roller, providing the traction needed for the most challenging of course designs.

The patented 2×24″ totalling 48″ wide tri-roller smoothing heads are fitted with heavy duty smoothing rollers that are double sealed and fitted with quality ball bearings for longer life.

A balanced roller produces an evenly rolled turf surface and it’s no coincidence just how well balanced Tru-Turf rollers are. The designed low centre of gravity ensures roller stability and operator safety.

The unique and easily operated, built-in trailer includes heavy duty axles and trailer arms. When combined with the rugged but lightweight features of Tru-Turf greens rollers, they are ready to take on the world’s most demanding courses and competitors. Tru-Turf greens rollers are used extensively on the PGA Tour, Champions Tour and Nationwide Tour events.

Iseki SXG 326

  • Excellent cut and collection in wet conditions.
  • Easy fill fuel tank.
  • Improved engine bay access and wider platform and fenders for safer operation.
  • Road homologated version also available.
  • High dump collector is shown, low dump collector is optional.

Iseki SXG326 Ride On Diesel Mower. Courtesy of Geaney & O'Neill Commercial Mowers.

With a fresh new look, the Iseki SXG 326 has been designed for the most demanding users. Tough, reliable and productive, the SXG 326 has a larger operator platform for a comfortable working environment. A 54” (1.37m) mower deck with wider overlapping provides enhanced productivity and a superior quality of cut. Two-pedal hydrostatic control and more legroom increase operator comfort. The large capacity, high torque 1123cc diesel engine is powerful and fuel efficient.

The new instrument panel and dial in height-of-cut adjustment makes the SXG 326 the most operator friendly and intuitive large compact tractor mower on the market. Hopper capacity is an impressive 600 litres with an easy to remove collector that allows for simple cleaning and maintenance. The SXG326 is available in road homologated version with lighting kit and handbrake.

Castelgarden XDC140HD

  • Briggs & Stratton 13.5/3130 series 344cc engine.
  • Hydrostatic automatic transmission.
  • 84cm/32″ cutting deck.
  • Two cutting blades.
  • 240Ltr grassbag capacity.
  • Mulching optional.
  • Trailer hitch included.
  • Battery charger included.

The Castlegarden XDC 140HD. Courtesy of Geaney & O'Neill Commercial Mowers.

The Castelgarden XDC140HD tractor mower is designed for medium sized gardens. Powered by a Briggs & Stratton P.B Series 3130 AVS, 344cc engine, it comes with hydrostatic transmission which allows for easier control in obstructed areas. It’s equipped with a 84cm cutting deck with twin contra-rotating collecting blades for high collection performance.  Engaging the deck couldn’t be easier with its electronic blade engagement feature; one simply has to pull the control switch for “On” and push it in for “Off”.  It has seven preset cutting heights, ranging from 25mm to 80mm,  which are selected by using the lever located conveniently at the side of the seat.

The rear mounted 240 litre grasscatcher can be easily emptied from the drivers seat; just pull the tipping lever and the collector opens wide emptying out the clippings.

The Castelgarden XDC140HD tractor mower also has an adjustable seat that provides the driver with optimum comfort.  A wash facility on the deck means keeping it clean couldn’t be simpler; just attach a hose to the snap-on connector, turn on the water and engage the blades.

The Castelgarden XDC140HD tractor mower is also an extremely versatile machine. While all models collect the grass clippings as standard, it also offers additional methods of discharging the grass.

Optional accessories include a rear deflector attachment or a mulching kit for recycling. Switching between standard collecting or mulch modes is a simple process; just remove the grassbag, insert the mulching plug into the discharge chute and replace the collector. To return to collection just reverse this procedure.

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