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The Kildare Growers on 2018

Our Ladies Children’s Hospital Crumlin Garden by Anthony Ryan and Kieran Dunne of Kildare Growers. Photo: Johnny Bambury - Fennell Photography.

A challenging start now gives way to green shoots of optimism; Larry Doran of Doran’s Nurseries and the Kildare Growers gives us an insight into how 2018 has been for them so far.



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25 October 2018

Established since 1985, the Kildare Growers comprises of six of the leading nurseries in Ireland; working together to help promote our industry and to offer our customers a complete collection of exceptional quality plants.

The nursery members are: Amour Nurseries, Doran’s Nurseries, L&K Dunne Nurseries, Rentes Plants, Schram Plants, and Woodstock Trees and Shrubs. The group’s strong roots have helped to nurture their growers through their fourth decade of growth.

The spring of 2018 didn’t however bring about a positive start to the year’s trading. Storm Emma and the Beast from the East brought sheer destruction to all areas of the industry.

Acres of tunnels and glass were lost, having a catastrophic impact upon some nurseries. This coupled with a slow start regarding cash flow and the movement of plants made it an extremely difficult start to the year.

Now that we are finally here in July; the recent belt of sunshine and fair weather in June has started to see a shift in the market and nursery plants are starting to move well since May.

The upturn in the market was mirrored by the beginning of Bloom by Bord Bia. The Bloom festival excelled itself once again and The Kildare Growers, in association with Bord na Móna and Peter O’Brien Landscapes, were delighted to participate with our garden for Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, designed by Anthony Ryan and Kieran Dunne of L&K Dunne Nurseries. We were thrilled with the Silver Gilt medal awarded to the garden.

Credit must be paid to both Teagasc Kildalton and Yellow Furze Nurseries for their work on organising the two Irish Hardy Nursery Stock Association Trolley Fairs in February and March.

Given the threatening weather which hindered attendance, plants sales performed well on the day. Both the staff at Teagasc and Yellow Furze put in a great effort in order for the industry to hold it together given the extremely tough circumstances.

The co-operation that Kildare Growers pride ourselves on forces the group to continuously evaluate and improve our businesses. The shrinking market of the past 11 years has been a difficult path to navigate, however, that same shrinking market, has presented opportunities for improvement for our nurseries.

The focus on quality became front and centre amongst our members and today, our growers supply the Irish and UK market with what we believe to be plants of unrivalled quality.

We continuously strive to offer our customers only the best quality plants, true to form and climatically suited to the Irish garden.

The roots of The Kildare Growers continue to anchor the group deep within the fertile soil of the amenity sector and together, despite setbacks suffered by the industry, we look forward to growing with you into 2019.

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