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Nursery protection from Vine Weevil with Nemasys-L

Vine Weevil (Otiorynchus sulcatus) is one of the most serious pests found in ornamental nurseries. Photo: NAD/Fargo.

Now is the time to begin applying Nemasys-L to control Black Vine Weevil larvae.



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28 February 2019

Left untreated Black Vine Weevil larvae can cause serious crop damage. They are one of the most serious pests seen on ornamental nurseries and are a constant threat as adults can arrive on site from any number of sources – including bought-in plants – and will then establish a population.

Once on site, Black Vine Weevil numbers can build rapidly over one or two years, and if not kept in-check, can cause considerable damage to nurseries.

Nemasys-L is a curative treatment of microscopic nematode worms, that once applied will seek out Vine Weevil larvae in the soil and compost to enter and release a small pellet of bacteria to kill the host after a few days.

The parasitic worms begin to reproduce and release several thousand more juvenile infected nematodes able to find and further kill weevil grubs.

Other benefits of Nemasys-L include:

  • Active at low temperature (5-15C) providing control when pest is active.
  • Simply applied as a drench or spray.
  • No pest resistance issues.
  • Compatible with many chemical pesticides or integrated pest management (IPM) systems.
  • Natural product – safe for crops, users, consumers, and the environment.

Order your Nemasys-L is from National Agrochemical Distributors (NAD) now for March application. For further information please contact the NAD sales team on: 01-8437808 or via email: Fargro products are distributed in Ireland by NAD. For more, see


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