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Baby Elegance planting 25,000 native trees in Roscommon forest

Little Buds Forest, Co. Roscommon

Sustainability initiative is being carried out in conjunction with Veon



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17 June 2021

Baby Elegance is planting one tree for every cot or bed sold this year. With a target of planting 25,000 native trees over the next 12 months, the sustainability initiative is being carried out in conjunction with Veon, Ireland’s leading forestry and ecology consultants.

The Irish baby brand will plant the trees in its own Little Buds Forest in Roscommon, which is part funded through the Department of Agriculture and the Marine’s Afforestation Scheme for Native Woodland Establishment.

The process of planting the first 6,500 native trees has already kicked off, and Baby Elegance expects to plant its second forest by the end of 2021.

Native trees including oak, birch, and hazel tend to grow for 100’s of years. Planting native trees and creating new native woodland cover, provides a range of other ecosystem benefits such as mitigating flood risk, soil conservation, protecting wildlife and carbon sequestration. Enhancing the natural environment also has positive benefits for local communities.

The initiative also enhances biodiverse habitats for native Irish species such as red squirrels, stoats, endangered bird species and other native wildlife.

A broadleaf oak forest on average sequesters 6.60 tonnes of CO2 per hectare per annum and a rotation may be 100 years long. The Little Buds Forest is 2.24 ha in size and as such will sequester an estimated 1,478 tonnes of CO2 over its lifetime.

“I am extremely passionate about sustainability and offsetting our carbon footprint,” said Gavan Costello, sales director, Baby Elegance. “I am thrilled to be planting Little Buds Forest and I look forward to telling our customers that the cot that their baby will sleep in, will represent one tree in our forest, a symbol of hope for future generations to come. It is important that all manufacturing businesses establish a greater connection to the earth and to the environment.”

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