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DJ Turfcare’s trading partner Viano confirms €6m investment

Image: Viano HQ

Viano has significantly added to its production and packaging site



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16 December 2021

DJ Turfcare – exclusive suppliers of the organic-based lawn fertiliser portfolio including MO Bacter and Recovery – has confirmed details of its trading partner Viano’s latest €6 million investment. The investment will enable DJ Turfcare to continue to deliver market leading solutions and outstanding customer service levels throughout 2022 and beyond.

In response to the ongoing demand for organic based fertilisers, Viano has added to its production and packaging site, which will provide DJ Turfcare with significantly increased capacity of up 50% year-on-year.

To support the increased production capacity, Viano has also increased its packaging processes, increasing from two to five lines. A fully automated box-filling unit is also set to be commissioned in autumn 2022, helping to streamline the process even more. Further automation is also set to be rolled out across the warehouse, including pick, pack, and despatch.

While these updates are undertaken, Viano and DJ Turfcare have confirmed that current production and packaging lines will continue unaffected, meaning existing orders will be fulfilled within the expected timescales.

DJ Turfcare’s David Jenkins said: “We are proud to be part of the Viano family, especially as their ethos aligns so perfectly with our own. From green powered production facilities to capacity to meet growing demand, we are confident that our partnership will pay dividends for the entire supply chain, especially as demand for organic-based product is expected to continue to increase as consumers make more considered choices.”

Endorsed by the RHS since 2018, the DJ Turfcare range – which features the bestselling MO Bacter Lawn Fertiliser, MO Bacter Instant, Bio-Lime, Recovery, Lawn Boost and Autumn Lawn Treatment – delivers high performance results, whilst also setting a new standard for environmental responsibility and sustainability with its 100% organic-based products.

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