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Stig: the new robot lawnmower designed to protect lawns

Allows the grass to recover and stay healthy, while leaving time for users to enjoy their outdoor space



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16 December 2021

Stig, the new robotic lawnmower from Stigma, has been engineered to help produce a healthy lawn.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, Stig is the first robot that can properly care for a lawn in just two mowing sessions a day, with an 80-minute charge and five hours between cuts. It allows the grass to recover and stay healthy, and leaves plenty of time for users to enjoy their outdoor space in peace and quiet.

Stig is the first of a new breed of robot lawnmowers and combines 90 years of Stiga’s engineering innovation and expertise with a deep understanding of the science of grass.

Maximum lawn health and more time to enjoy the garden

A healthy lawn requires a robot mower to work with fewer cutting phases, and more time between cuts. Stig covers a maximum working area of 1200sq. m, is suitable for all lawn terrain – even slopes up to 45% (24°) – and with twice the run time of any other robot mower. Because Stig completes mowing in daylight hours, there is no night mowing to disturb nocturnal wildlife or neighbours, and this also allows the lawn to fully recover.

Long-lasting clean energy

Stig runs on Stiga-owned E-Power lithium-ion batteries. These ensure reliable, long-lasting performance from a clean energy-saving power source with no emissions. E-Power batteries are designed for long-life: even after 1500 charging cycles they continue to operate at over 80% capacity.

Customers have the option to select two different sized batteries at purchase, to suit the size of the lawn they need to cut. Compact and lightweight (less than 8kg), Stig intelligently navigates gardens of all shapes and sizes, tackling narrow spaces and manoeuvring around trees and bushes.

Its exceptional cutting performance is delivered via four pivoting carbon steel blades, spinning at up to 2850rpm. An easily adjustable height of cut ensures a precise grass length from 20 to 60mm. The cutting performance is matched by built-in safety features, pivoting retractable blades, two stabilising front wheels and multiple obstacle detection. If Stig is lifted or tips over the blades automatically switch off in under two seconds. It is also very quiet thanks to a bottom cover constructed from noise-insulating materials.

Intelligent navigation

With just five buttons for selecting primary functions, Stig’s on-board control panel allows users to get started quickly and easily. An intuitive interface and Bluetooth connection allows control directly from a smartphone, using very simple functions. A battery light indicates charge level, and a warning light signals the presence of hazards. Stig is supplied with the dedicated Stiga.Go App, available for iOS and Android. This provides advanced control including a full scheduling function allowing users to plan cutting sessions to suit their needs, the weather forecast and seasonal changes.

Complete coverage of the lawns is guaranteed with two front coil sensors and a static algorithm. Using “Go-To-Cut” via the App, the user can instruct Stig where to begin mowing. Bump sensors detect objects, and the soft-shell body absorbs any impacts without damaging the mower. A rain sensor automatically sends Stig back to its charging dock.

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