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Drive traffic to your garden centre via the internet

Driving traffic to your garden centre has never been more important. Garden Connect provides online marketing services to over 200 centres to make that happen



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20 July 2015

Increasing traffic and footfall is a key concern for gardener centre owners and managers. As Edwin Meijer, managing director of the company, explains shoppers’ behaviour is changing. “More and more consumers are researching purchases online: what product suits my demands and where can I buy it? If you’re not visible with your business in this first online orientation it’s unlikely customers will pick your store to spend their money.”

Garden Connect is providing online marketing services to garden centres in Ireland, the UK and Netherlands. “You can ask anyone to build you a website, but we also provide you with relevant content. Most garden centres setup a website and are too busy to keep it up to date. We provide you with daily gardening tips and news to keep your website, newsletters and social media channels up to date” explains Edwin.

Garden Connect also provides webshops with 75 webshops currently using the unique and dedicated platform. “Some are small and based on click & collect but we also have marketing groups of 40 centres using it. A webshop is a very powerful tool for garden centres!” explains Edwin.

The service scheme of Garden Connect includes a comprehensive package of online marketing solutions, including:

  • Websites including content like gardening tips & news
  • Webshops
  • E-mail marketing
  • Social media
  • Loyalty marketing
  • Mobile

The successful Loyalty Marketing service of Garden Connect is a modern approach to old-fashioned loyalty schemes. Combining loyalty with e-mail & smartphone gives you a powerful toolkit to generate more footfall!

Do you also want to drive more traffic to your garden centre? Learn more via, e-mail to arrange a meeting.

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