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Five exciting products showcasing at IPM Essen

Partner country Belgium donates a summer bark to Messe Essen as a symbol of its commitment to IPM Essen. Photo: Rainer Schimm / MESSE ESSEN GmbH.

Biodegradable materials are a big trend at IPM Essen 2019 with several companies developing compostable products in order to benefit the grower as well as the environment. From ground covers to PlantDoctors, here are five products showcasing at IPM Essen that we're excited about.



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15 January 2019

IPM Essen will take place in Essen, Germany, on January 22-25. As one of the largest horticulture trade fairs in the world with 1,564 exhibitors from 45 countries showcasing at IPM Essen 2018, IPM Essen 2019 will showcase some of the leading products and innovations within the horticulture trade. Here are five products showcasing at IPM Essen 2019 that we’re excited about.

1. Shri Ambica Polymer: Biodegradable ground cover. Hall 3, booth 3A68

The AmTec GCSBD-130W ground covers are produced on wider width Sulzer looms; UV stabilised and permeable to air and water, the covers offer an ecology safe alternative to herbicide use. Since 2017 Shri Ambica Polymer was trying to develop a biodegradable woven ground cover which has finally been a success. Shri Ambica Polymer can offer this PLA based biodegradable ground cover with OK bio-based 4 star, having a life of three years when exposed to UV.

Standard weight: 130 g sm.
Standard width: 1-4 metres.
Standard roll length: 100 metres.
Available colours: black.
Any other width and length can also be customised upon prior request.

Contact or click here to book a meeting at IPM Essen 2019.

2. Koen Pack: PLA Sleeves. Hall 1, booth 1D12.30


You see and hear it everywhere: horticulture also needs to become more sustainable. That is why Koen Pack has added 100% biodegradable sleeves to its standard range. These sleeves are made of a durable and naturally degradable material. They are printed with water-based ink which it is better for the environment.

This material is not made of fossil fuels, in contrast to traditional plastics. These sleeves are made from renewable sources like sugar cane and corn. Because these sleeves are biodegradable, they can be composted after use. The consumer can simply throw the sleeves into the green waste bin together with the leaves. It is 100 per cent industrially compostable.

Contact or click here to book a meeting at IPM Essen 2019.

3.  Greenyard Horticulture: Hortiviv. Hall 4, booth 4B32

In the past few years there has been a large development for the selection of beneficial organism capable of enforcing plant growth. Through creating natural symbiosis with plant roots, several of these organisms have shown to improve the resilience of plants.


Greenyard Horticulture developed an innovative technology to bring these benevolent microorganisms to life, so they have a direct action at the plant roots.

Hortiviv is a substrate inoculated with fungi, directly settled in the substrate in their living form. For two consecutive years, the University of Ghent and ILVO (Flemish Institute for Agriculture) used this inoculated substrate to conduct experiments during strawberry cultivation. These experiments showed that strawberries grown on the inoculated Hortiviv substrate are more resistant to decay and improving thus significantly the shelf-life.

In addition, Hortiviv can also be used for root sensitive tree cultivations, where it also has the ability to stimulate the plant growth and root vigour.

Contact or click here to book a meeting at IPM Essen 2019.


4. Westland: 100 Day Green – Long lasting fertiliser. Hall 4, booth 4E15 and 4F13


Westland 100 Day Green provides long lasting nutrition and promotes consistent growth as a result of slow release nitrogen. The product builds a stronger and thicker lawn. The fertiliser contains friendly bacteria which breaks down thatch, making it ideal for the use of robot mowers.

Contact or click here to book a meeting at IPM Essen 2019.

5. JayVee Green Consult Jens Varnskühler: g-pda PlantDoctor. Hall 7, booth 7F33

As a new module in the g-pda family, JayVee Green Consult Jens Varnskühler presents the new g-pda PlantDoctor: using artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase your efficiency the smart way.

When checking your cultures just take a photo of a symptomatic leaf or a pest with your smartphone and the g-pda PlantDoctor immediately tells you which disease it is. Now scan the QR code of the affected stock and the g-pda PlantDoctor will suggest a treatment. In doing so, the already applied agents, incompatibilities, and legal regulations are automatically taken into account.

In the next step, g-pda PlantDoctor checks the current inventory of the selected agent, calculates the area to be treated, the tank recipe, and creates a task that you can assign directly to an employee.

Contact or click here to book a meeting at IPM Essen 2019.

Photos courtesy of Koen Pack, Greenyard Horticulture, and Westland.

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