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Four of our favourite gardens from Bloom

Bloom 2017 showcased over 22 show gardens; each magnificently capturing the heart and creativity of the attendees.

From collaborations between Teagasc and Pieta House to Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin; Bloom hosted a wonderful foire of creativity and design



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5 June 2017

It is the final day of Bloom and as the festival comes to an end, the show gardens at Bloom for many people are the heart and soul of the festival; the reason they made the trip out to the Phoenix Park.

Bloom 2017 didn’t disappoint with an incredible amount of effort going into every garden by their respective organisers, planners, sponsors, and designers.

The quality of the Show Gardens this year has been nothing but exceptional but here are four gardens that peaked our interest.

In no particular order:

1) Rustica Hibernia by Des Kingston

Rustica Hibernia or Rural Ireland is this year’s Super Garden winner and it is easy to see why. According to the official Bloom Guide, “The garden delicately blends industrial, agricultural, and historic influences in a contemporary urban setting. With prominence given to sculpture and repurposed objects the rotating vegetable wheel completes the old world industrial feel.”

2) The Teagasc Garden of Hope by Laura Cassin, Louise Jones, and Linda Murphy

We wrote about Teagasc’s partnership with Pieta House previously and you can read that story here. The garden of hope stands as a symbol of peace, reflection and ease to all those effected by mental health issues either directly or indirectly. This year the Garden of Hope is the gold medal and best in category (middle) award winner.

“A sense of intimacy is enhanced by the circular format used throughout. The circular form encourages contemplation and walking to relieve stress in a calm and secure setting. A fusion of planting, sophisticated colours and changing water flow creates an uplifting space in which to pause and replenish one’s wellbeing. The garden aims to evoke serenity and a connection with nature to raise the spirit” – Bloom official guide.

3) Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin garden by Kieran Dunne and Anthony Ryan

This beautiful large garden won the Silver Gilt award and it is wholly deserved. The wonderfully placed grand piano, the sound of the rushing water, and the peaceful plant arrangement all works together to create a stunning garden.

“The garden – a composer’s retreat – is owned by a successful classical and film-score composer who is also a keen plants person. Having a particular love for tranquil and peaceful surrounds, the owner relishes the chance to reflect on compositions while undisturbed during summer evenings. The garden serves as a place of creativity – to be inspired, to relax, and to collaborate with invited colleagues within the tranquil garden environment surrounded with lush planting and the gentle sound of water.” – Bloom official guide.

4) FBD Insurance’s ‘Transition’ by Oliver and Liat Schurmann

‘Transition’ is this year’s gold medal winner and best in category (large). The garden is simply breath-taking and offers a wonderful calm and serenity unlike any other.

“This garden is a water-landscape with a dramatic tidal effect. This unique idea is aimed at capturing the essence of the wild Irish tidal landscape. The garden will be dramatically transformed in front of the spectators’ eyes by lowering the water level. Landmasses and islands will appear and form a new landscape and then they disappear again. This transition will take place in intervals of approximately 90 minutes. The lush green landscape with layered planting will be set off and reflected by the large tranquil water area. A subtle, nearly transparent modernist steel and glass structure will emphasise how important it is that buildings and structures have a minimum impact on what is a vulnerable landscape.” – Bloom official guide.



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