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Garden Connect has developed a new EFSA website

Photo: Garden Connect.

EFSA members include Beeztees, Capi, Edelman, Woodlodge, Ter Steege and Smiemans



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5 November 2020

Garden Connect has developed a new website for EFSA, which is a group of leading manufacturers in the garden industry and lifestyle sector who have joined forces to explore future trends and stimulate innovation.

The group is known for the concept store that is set up every year at Spoga-Gafa, which offers numerous innovative retail solutions. Garden Connect contributes to this concept store and through that connection, became a member of EFSA in 2017. Other members include Beeztees, Capi, Edelman, Woodlodge, Ter Steege and Smiemans.

In recent months, EFSA and Garden Connect have been in close collaboration to make the website represent the innovation EFSA stands for: “The collaboration was very positive and pleasant. It is great that we have received good training so that we can easily manage the site ourselves, make adjustments and put current themes on the site ad-hoc without the intervention of Garden Connect.”

“The old EFSA website had a nice design, but it is important to keep innovating,” said Ulrike Ziegler on behalf of EFSA. “EFSA’s focus has changed and we wanted more flexibility to manage content ourselves.”

“Garden Connect has a lot of experience in developing websites and online marketing for garden centres. So we had the specialist for the garden industry in-house because as an EFSA member we know Garden Connect well and there is a lot of confidence in the collaboration.”

“We are happy with the new, modern website and are now going to work on the content of the website. We can clearly see what is happening in Google Analytics and hope, together with Garden Connect, to get more out of the website. ”

The new website can be found at

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