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Westland works the kinks out of watering with innovative new hosepipe technology

Available in 20m, 30m and 40m, the Smartflo hose breaks new ground in hosepipe technology

Smartflo, the first hose that ‘unkinks’ itself and reduces risk of leaks, has been launched to market



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5 November 2020

Always at the cutting edge of gardening solutions, Westland is launching Smartflo into the market, the first hose that ‘unkinks’ itself, reduces the risk of leaks and is built to last.

A new product addition to the Flopro range for 2021, the Smartflo hose provides a solution to the two main challenges consumers face with traditional hoses – kinks and leaks.

Made from thermo elastomer technology, the Smartflo hose is flat when not in use but expands as water flows through it. This expandable material allows the hose to effectively remove kinks by itself as water passes through. It also minimises the amount of water left within the hose as it decompresses after use, removing the risk of leaks and internal damage.

Available in 20m, 30m and 40m, the Smartflo hose breaks new ground in hosepipe technology given its ability to expand and deflate. The company has offered a 30-year guarantee on the product.

“Consumers are often frustrated by garden hoses that develop kinks, leaks or break easily,” said Marloes Rots, brand manager Flopro. “We focus on providing the most effective solutions to problems and enhancing the consumer experience of gardening at every level. Flopro is making a difference in the watering category for 2021 by showing consumers the right way to water for better garden results.

“We guarantee that our Flopro products work with all watering brands and are anti-leak – making upgrading to Flopro a simple and valuable decision for consumers. With impactful point of sale fixtures and graphics developed to support the range, Flopro is set to create a true splash of impact in-store in 2021.”

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