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Garden Connect launches online academy

Credit: Garden Connect

Over 100 videos to help the industry adapt to Covid-19 restrictions now live



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14 January 2021

Garden Connect has launched a new online academy to help users to get the most out of their website or webshop.

The launch of the academy, which now boasts near 100 videos, was a long-standing goal of the Garden Connect team.

“When Covid-19 broke out we were faced with a huge challenge” Edwin Meijer explains on behalf of Garden Connect. “In The Netherlands, garden centres were one of the few shops exempt from the lockdown and during this time we saw that online sales were skyrocketing. The UK, Ireland, and Canada had to close their garden centres immediately, so they had to switch completely to e-commerce. This meant we had our work cut out for us, as we had to launch almost 30 new webshops during spring. One of the consequences was that the need for support highly increased.”

The first plan of Garden Connect was to renew manuals: “But nobody reads a manual,” said Meijer, “including myself. We talked with our users and we received the suggestion to work more with video. There was no time to rest this summer, so we started recording in September.”

Marny Winkelhorst from Garden Connect said its videos, which are available in both Dutch and English, are all on YouTube.

The videos are divided by theme: “We made a series of 13 videos about website management and another series about webshop management. All together they last up to two hours, but after that, you’re well informed about what you can do with your website or webshop. For smaller modules, we also have shorter videos. For example, the ticketing module course.”

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