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Garden Connect to host webinar series to help garden centre retailers succeed online

Aimed at garden centres looking to improve their online marketing efforts and reach more customers



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9 February 2023

Garden Connect is hosting a webinar series for garden centres looking to improve their online marketing efforts and reach more customers. With four webinars scheduled over the next few months, the series aims to deliver valuable insights and practical tips to help retailers succeed online.

On 13 February at 14:00, Garden Connect will host a webinar on the ‘Five benefits of an EPOS integration with your website!’ Aimed at those that don’t have an EPOS-integrated website or webshop, the 45-minute session will discuss: the benefits of an EPOS integration; how these integrations work and how it saves you time; how to link your loyalty program to your website & email newsletter and the different platforms to integrate with.

Later this month it will host a webinar titled ‘Boost footfall & online sales with Google Ads’. Taking place 21 February at 10:00, in this webinar Garden Connect will explain how Google Ads can be used to boost online sales and footfall to garden centres. It will showcase best practices to give attendees a good understanding of the potential of Google Ads.

This event will be followed by ‘Case study: Generate footfall via Local SEO Marketing’, which is scheduled to take place 9 March at 12:00. During this webinar, Garden Connect will provide attendees with a case study of the steps it has taken to boost footfall for one of its customers by using Local SEO Marketing. It will explain its exact process, covering keyword research; content; website optimisation; online citations; and link building.

On 12 April at 14:00, it will host the ‘Garden Connect Update Q1 – 2023’. Garden Connect has invited all its platform users to join this webinar, which is fully focused on updates it is working on. This includes selling digital products & shipping options; adding pro’s & con’s to product pages. Attendees can also ask questions during this interactive webinar.

For more information about Garden Connect’s webinar series, please visit:

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