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Green-fingered community groups wanted for Bloom 2023

Last year, St. Mary’s Community Gardening Group in Clondalkin were awarded ‘Best in Show’ for their postcard garden



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9 February 2023

Bord Bia is inviting green-fingered community groups and amateur gardeners from Louth the opportunity to design and deliver a postcard garden at Bord Bia Bloom 2023.

These small, but perfectly formed, miniature garden spaces offer garden clubs, community groups, schools and charitable organisations a unique green canvas to tell a story and showcase their creative talents at one of Ireland’s most loved festivals. Bord Bia Bloom 2023 will take place once again in the Phoenix Park, Dublin from 1 to 5 June.

The postcard gardens at Bord Bia Bloom offer a rich tapestry of local storytelling brought to life through the use of plants and creative garden designs. The 3m x 2m plots have explored a range of themes through the years including mental health, the environment, local history and characters, and charitable endeavours.

Last year, St. Mary’s Community Gardening Group in Clondalkin were awarded ‘Best in Show’ for their postcard garden which explored the concept of a sensory garden featuring nature-based crafting in order to inspire pupils, teachers and parents to reconnect with nature.

“The postcard gardens provide a wonderful showcase of amateur horticultural talent from all over the country, while allowing for creativity and storytelling to shine,” said Kerrie Gardiner, Show Gardens and Horticulture Content Manager, Bord Bia Bloom. “We love to be able to allow diverse community groups an opportunity to connect with new audiences and tell their stories in a novel way. We have seen some fascinating installations in the postcard gardens over the years and we are always excited to see what each new group will bring to the show. I think it is this variety and creativity which makes the postcard gardens a big attraction for visitors to the event.”

Bord Bia recently announced the appointment of Laura Douglas as new head of Bord Bia Bloom and brand partnerships. “Bord Bia Bloom is one of Ireland’s most loved festivals, heralding a vibrant and colourful start to the summer each year,” said Douglas. “We are currently finalising plans for the 2023 festival which will offer visitors an uplifting and innovative horticulture, food and drink experience with nature and sustainable living at its heart. The postcard gardens always add something special and we are excited to see this year’s ideas from community groups all over the country.”

The closing date for applications is 1st March 2023. For more information on the Postcard Gardens and to download an application form, visit

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