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Good news for users of CC Trolleys

Container Centralen are Europes leading supply chain provider of RTIs (returnable transport items). Photo: Markus Spiske.

For the first time, users of CC trolleys will have a place to bring their broken or damaged trolleys.



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12 April 2018

Container Centralen (CC) and the Kildare Growers have teamed up to establish an exchange depot in the heart of Co. Kildare.

The new partnership now offers customers of CC a place to bring broken trolleys and shelves and have them exchanged for good ones as well as to have trolleys transferred to the UK and the continent.

You can avail of the service provided you have a contract with CC. All trolleys left in to the depot must be genuine issue red-tagged CC trolleys.A

For drop off’s and collection contact CC direct. Phone: 0031235544020 and email

The address of the depot isi ACDAL, Allenwood South, Co. Kildare, W91 F141.

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