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Green-tech launches environmentally friendly alternative to plastic tree shelters

Richard Gill, Green-tech

Made from a special water-proof FSC-approved cardboard which is 100% biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable



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28 January 2021

Green-tech have launched an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional plastic tree shelters – its new ‌Bio-Earth‌ ‌Tree‌ ‌Shelter‌

A biodegradable, plastic-free tree shelter, the ‌Bio-Earth‌ ‌Tree‌ ‌Shelter‌ is an environmentally-friendly alternative to the traditional plastic products used to protect young trees and hedges.

Green-tech has been involved in its development over the last two years to meet the growing demand from the landscaping and forestry industries to reduce the plastic tree shelter shelters used as essential protection during tree planting.

The product is made from a special water-proof FSC-approved cardboard which is 100% biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable. While the company said its lifespan is dependent upon planting conditions and location, it typically lasts three years. Once the tree is established enough to no longer need it, the ‌Bio-Earth‌ ‌Tree‌ ‌Shelter‌ can be left to safely biodegrade.

Ventilation and light holes at the top of the ‌Bio-Earth‌ ‌Tree‌ ‌Shelter‌ tube provide the tree or whip with an ideal growing climate. It comes with a ‘no ties’ staking and securing system which ensures that planting is done swiftly and simply without any further materials, just the stake.

“Reducing plastic and sustainability has been high on our agenda for a long time and we have been working on its development for two years,” said Richard Gill, sales director, Green-tech. “It is a fantastic feeling to see it come to life.  The ‌Bio-Earth‌ ‌Tree‌ ‌Shelter‌ has been designed to be supplied flat-pack, hugely reducing the carbon footprint on deliveries as they take up so much less space than a traditional shelter; another area we are working on across the business. This product is perfect for anyone tree planting where sustainability and environmental considerations are high on the agenda.”

Green-tech is selling the plastic-free tree shelters in a range of heights from 60cm through to 1.5m and provide the option to buy the stakes and canes as part of a package.

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