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HSE requires fruit and vegetable supplier


Includes tomatoes, cabbage and mushrooms as well as tropical fruit



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19 May 2022

At Growtrade, we highlight public procurement opportunities from around Ireland that would be suitable to landscapers, growers, turfgrass professionals, horticulturalists, and forestry professionals.

Here is one such tender from the Health Service Executive, which requires the supply of fruit & vegetables for the following regions: North West (Donegal, Leitrim & Sligo) North East (Louth, Meath, Cavan & Monaghan) Mid-West (Clare, Limerick, Tipperary North) Midlands (Laois, Offaly, Longford & Westmeath) West (Galway, Mayo & Roscommon) South (Cork & Kerry).

Type of contract: Supplies

Contracting authority:  Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, Custom House, Dublin 1, Ireland
Contact: Amy Behan

Response deadline: 05/03/2023 12:00:00 (Irish time)

CPV codes

15300000-1  Fruit, vegetables and related products
03212100-1  Potatoes
03220000-9  Vegetables, fruits and nuts
03221000-6  Vegetables
03221100-7  Root and tuber vegetables
03221110-0  Root vegetables
03221112-4  Carrots
03221113-1  Onions
03221114-8  Turnips
03221120-3  Tuber vegetables
03221200-8  Fruit vegetables
03221212-5  Green beans
03221220-4  Peas
03221230-7  Peppers
03221240-0  Tomatoes
03221250-3  Courgettes
03221260-6  Mushrooms
03221270-9  Cucumbers
03221300-9  Leaf vegetables
03221310-2  Lettuce
03221410-3  Cabbage
03221420-6  Cauliflower
03221430-9  Broccoli
03221440-2  Brussels sprouts
03222110-7  Tropical fruit
03222111-4  Bananas
03222112-1  Pineapples
03222117-6  Avocados
03222118-3  Kiwi fruit
03222210-8  Lemons
03222250-0  Limes
03222300-6  Non-tropical fruit
03222310-9  Berry fruit
03222321-9  Apples
03222322-6  Pears
03222334-3  Plums
03222340-8  Grapes
15331130-7  Beans, peas, peppers, tomatoes and other vegetables
15331140-0  Leaf and cabbage vegetables
15872500-6  Ginger

You can view and apply for this contract here.

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