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Stiga launches new electric lawnmower for domestic gardens

The Stiga Gyro

Battery powered mower employs Stiga’s e-motion technology



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19 May 2022

Stiga has launched the Gyro, an electric drive-by-wire lawnmower for domestic gardens that the company says “offers the comfort of an armchair while cutting the grass”.

The battery powered mower employs Stiga’s e-motion technology – a unique electronic system that provides effortless steering and speed – Gyro offers an extremely precise joystick to control the vehicle, guaranteeing an enjoyable ride, and taking lawn mowing to a whole new level.

Each rear wheel is driven by a self-contained electric motor and this combination guarantees a powerful cutting performance, superior ergonomic design delivering unsurpassed driver comfort and mower manoeuvrability.

The Gyro is suitable for large and complex gardens up to 8,000 square meters. The 360-degree turning radius enables close mowing up to lawn edges, even under bushes, while ensuring maximum driver visibility.

“This is what lawnmowers will be like in the future and are available later this month,” said Gary Whitney, managing director of Stiga UK. “Gyro establishes a completely new category of battery-powered sit-on mowers for challenging areas, unbeatable productivity that are not just fun but comfortable to drive too.”

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