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Insect fertiliser Hexafrass the answer to aphid prevention

Insects are transforming the world of fertilisers



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8 April 2021

Hexafly are investigating the link between Hexafrass and aphid reproduction in plants as part of research conducted in association with Maynooth University,

The high levels of bio-active chitin in insect-derived fertilisers such as Hexafrass trigger a chemical reaction that boosts natural defenses in plants. It is understood when in the presence of chitin a plant’s immunity and defenses are strengthened from pests such as aphids and parasitic fungi.

“We are excited about working with Professor Kevin Kavanagh and Anatte Margalit Phd at Maynooth University,” said Alvan Hunt. CEO, Hexafly. “The team is conducting research into the effect of Black Soldier Fly Insect Frass, and specifically Hexafrass, on the reproductive rate of aphids and antifungal activity in plants. Encouraging results shows insect frass reduces the reproduction of aphids and we look forward to sharing conclusive results in the coming months”.

Chitin is commonly found in the outer coverings of insects and shellfish, as well as in the cell walls of fungi and algae. A modified polysaccharide that contains nitrogen (N-acetyl-D-glucosamine), a derivative of glucose, Chitin is collected, milled, and dried from the castings and manure from the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) and is called insect ‘frass’.

Hexafrass is a bi-product derived from the bio-conversion of sustainable protein for the aquaculture, animal feed, and cosmetic industries.

Hexafrass is available milled in 5l and 650kg and pelleted 1,000kg. Prices range from 5 Litre for €19.99 to €350 per tonne. For direct sales from Hexafly, contact or call +353 85 187 6408

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