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Landscape maintenance contract on offer from South Dublin County Council

Involves grass maintenance, litter picking, hedge trimming, tree pruning, tree canopy lifting, tree planting, relocation of existing trees and more



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11 March 2021

At Growtrade, we highlight public procurement opportunities from around Ireland that would be suitable to landscapists, growers, turfgrass professionals, horticulturalists, and forestry professionals.

Here is one such tender from South Dublin County Council, for ground maintenance of Grange Castle & Grange Castle South Business Parks.

Detailed Description

Grange Castle & Grange Castle South Business Parks extends to approximately 560 acres of developed and undeveloped lands. Designed in a low-density campus style format, the park is strategically located between the National Primary routes N4 and N7 in Clondalkin, Dublin 22.

The scope of works involves the operation and management of Grange Castle & Grange Castle South Business Park landscape maintenance contract, which covers inter alia routine grass maintenance, litter picking, hedge trimming, tree pruning, tree canopy lifting, tree planting, relocation of existing trees, mechanical edging, fly-tipping duties, bark mulching, ornamental planting maintenance, Griffeen river channel landscape, flood prevention works, tree tie adjustments, minor grading and reinstatement of grass areas, drought and winter maintenance services, weed control and removal, landscape maintenance of park berms and landscape mounds, street furniture installation, and road sweep/gritting of carriageways and pavements (cycle/footway).

Type of contract: Works

Contracting authority:  South Dublin County Council, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24, Ireland Contact: Neasa Hill

Response deadline: 29/03/2021 16:00:00 (Irish time)

CPV codes

45111220-6  Scrub-removal work
45112000-5  Excavating and earthmoving work
45112200-7  Soil-stripping work
45112310-1  Infill work
45112400-9  Excavating work
45112500-0  Earthmoving work
45112700-2  Landscaping work
45112710-5  Landscaping work for green areas
45112711-2  Landscaping work for parks
45112730-1  Landscaping work for roads and motorways
45221220-0  Culverts
45232452-5  Drainage works
45233141-9  Road-maintenance works
45233229-0  Verge maintenance work
45233250-6  Surfacing work except for roads
45233293-9  Installation of street furniture
45246200-5  Riverbank protection works
45246400-7  Flood-prevention works
45340000-2  Fencing, railing and safety equipment installation work
45342000-6  Erection of fencing
77313000-7  Parks maintenance services
77314000-4  Grounds maintenance services
77314100-5  Grassing services
77315000-1  Seeding services
77340000-5  Tree pruning and hedge trimming
77341000-2  Tree pruning
77342000-9  Hedge trimming

You can view and apply for this contract here.

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