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LECHUZA enters Irish retail market

LECHUZA's YULA planter in white/grey. One of several planters that is now available to the Irish market. Photo: LECHUZA.

Fitzgerald Flowers, based in Co Limerick, have become the first retailers of LECHUZA products in Ireland.



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3 May 2019

The makers of stylish self-watering planters, LECHUZA will now be available to Irish consumers following the company’s expansion into Ireland.

Fitzgerald Flowers, based in Crabb’s-Land, Co Limerick, is now stocking a variety of LECHUZA products, from its new range of CUBE and YULA planters, to the ORCHIDEA and BALCONERA.

The new stockist joins a further three retailers, including Waitrose and RHS Plants online, who partnered with the company last October.

“We are excited to now be an official LECHUZA stockist. We are a successful plant retailer and have been in the horticulture and gardening business since 1995. The rise of convenient yet stylish planters is on the rise, and we feel our customers will embrace this trend and love the new LECHUZA products in our store.”, said Dave Fitzgerald, managing director at Fitzgerald Flowers.

LECHUZA self-watering planters offer consumers convenient means of watering utilising stylish packaging. With a water reservoir at the bottom of each planter, the sub-irrigation system provides plants with the exact amount of water they need for optimum growth, meaning they can be left unsupervised for up to 12 weeks.

The company’s key account manager, Ian Riggs, said: “We’re delighted to have enlisted more retailers to stock LECHUZA products. Our profile is rising, and we have many new merchandising and Point-Of-Sale packages launching to support garden centres, delivering LECHUZA as a premium brand. With Fitzgerald now on board, we are reaching a new audience in the Republic of Ireland.”

All the self-watering planters are made from high-quality plastic that is recyclable, UV, shatter and weather-proof.

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