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Meet Hozelock’s Pure range

Pure Bokashi Composter, Pure Sprayer Kit, Pure BioMix, and the Green Power Thermal Weeder from Hozelock are aimed at environmentally conscious gardeners looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Hozelock’s Pure range of products is designed to look after your customers' garden while benefiting the environment too.



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13 September 2018

Hozelock’s Pure range of products is designed to look after your customers’ garden while benefiting the environment too – helping to make your customers’ garden a safe haven for wildlife and pets.

It includes everything from the Pure Bokashi Composter and Pure Sprayer Kit to the Pure BioMix. Other products, such as Hozelock’s Green Power Thermal Weeder, also help gardeners to reduce their environmental footprint by allowing them to avoid using potentially harmful chemicals, whilst still having highly effective and easy to apply solutions to hand.

“Gardeners are eager to look for new ways of caring for their gardens that avoid using chemical based sprays. Many gardeners use their own homemade spray recipes, using easily sourced ingredients such as vinegar, comfrey, even nettles, or black soap.”, said Carol Wright, UK Marketing Manager for Hozelock.

Pure Kit

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Hozelock’s handy Pure Kit – the perfect complement to the 2 and 7 litre Pure sprayers – comes with a 1.25L sprayer for the effective application of natural and homemade sprays for weeding, pest control, feeding and cleaning the house.

Also included is a tank to store preparations, a dosing spoon for easy application and a recipe booklet to get your customers’ inspired. The sprayers’ highly resistant seals and filters are unaffected by frequent applications of naturally acidic sprays, making the applications effective and efficient.

Green Power Thermal Weeder

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Say goodbye to those stubborn weeds with Hozelock’s Green Power Thermal Weeder. It delivers a thermal shock (of up to 600°C) to destroy a weed in seconds without using any chemicals, so there is no need to worry about the safety of pets or wildlife.

The less agile will also save their hands, knees, and back by no longer needing to hand pull weeds. The Green Power Thermal Weeder is light and ergonomically designed, making it the perfect solution for controlling weeds on driveways, paths and patios. It delivers a precise, highly targeted treatment and heats up and cools down in seconds – making it safe, easy to use, and ruthlessly efficient.

Pure Bokashi Composter

Make more of your food waste with the Pure Bokashi Composter. It quickly and efficiently recycles and reduces kitchen waste – including cooked food, meat, fish and small bones that usually can’t go into your garden composter. There are no unpleasant odours as the process starts with the addition of a bran containing friendly natural microorganisms that reduce the waste anaerobically to produce a useful fertiliser for your houseplants or garden.

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At the end of the speedy process you can simply add the “pickled” compost to your garden compost bin, where it acts as an accelerator, or dig it directly into your garden beds. The Pure Bokashi Composter can easily be stored in any kitchen – in a cupboard, a pantry or on the counter – making the whole process of composting amazingly compact, clean and clever.

Using the Pure Bokashi Composter reduces the risk of attracting flies, foxes, or vermin as there won’t be any food rotting in your rubbish bin and all the nutrients in leftover food will be re-purposed into goodness for the garden – whilst reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

Pure BioMix

Gardeners love the magical elixir of comfrey or nettle feeds although usually they are pungent and messy to make and apply.

The innovative Pure BioMix allows you to make your own natural and effective fertilisers quickly and easily, with the smell contained safely within the unit. All you need to do is add 1kg of leaves – nettles or comfrey both work well – 10L of water and give the mixture a stir by using the handle on the lid every two days until it is ready to use – this should take 1-3 weeks.


You then use the integral strainer to drain off the liquid, dilute it with one part fertiliser to 10 parts water and spray it’s natural goodness over your garden using a Hozelock Pure Kit/Sprayer, or apply direct to the plant roots.

Good natural fertilisers are proven to be more productive than artificially created products and will help your flowers, shrubs and vegetables thrive. They even help to protect plants from disease and reduce the amount of single use plastic used by gardeners – all without the use of any chemicals that might harm wildlife or pets. After only 2 uses the cost of BioMix pays back and you will have free natural fertiliser on tap.

Log onto Hozelock’s trade portal for more information. All images courtesy of Hozelock.

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