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More new machinery from SALTEX 2019

The ROBOXFOX ELECTRA from Ryetec. Photo: Ryetec.

SALTEX 2019 took place on October 30-31 at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) Birmingham.


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7 November 2019

Ahead of SALTEX 2019 which took place at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) Birmingham, October 30-31, we at Growtrade showcased some of the latest machinery to be revealed at the show.

You can catch up on the article listing the companies which launched new machinery here, but for now, here are just a couple more companies who released new machinery at SALTEX 2019.


The ROBOFOX ELECTRA is a fully electric remote controlled flail mower with the power and performance of an engine driven machine but without all the noise, fumes, and environmental contamination, thanks to an innovative battery and drive system, and the complete absence of any hydraulic system.

The ROBOFOX ELECTRA features a powerful electrically driven 900 millimetre wide flail mower capable of cutting and mulching material up to 2 centimetres in diameter, combined with a track drive system and ultra-low centre of gravity for bank mowing on angles of up to 55 degrees.

An intuitive proportional remote control allows the operate to work at a safe distance from the machine – up to 150 metres – and the heavy duty battery pack give an autonomy of 2-3 hours work depending on conditions, and for longer duration, the battery pack can be exchanged for a fully charged unit, re charge time is 3-4 hours.

For operators working in areas where engine power is not a problem then the ROBOFOX HYBRID is available with a 28hp petrol engine to drive the flail head and fully electric track drive system, which still eliminates hydraulic systems.

On-board batteries also allow the machine to be driven without the engine running – ideal if driving past buildings, people, and animals to the working area or should the engine run out of fuel.

Also showcased at SLATEX for the first time, was the new Peruzzo TB100 tracked chipper, with a 100 millimetre capacity and a width of 76 centimetres, this nimble machine can access gardens, wet ground, and sloping terrain with ease.

The powerful 18hp engine drives a cylindrical chipping drum which automatically feeds itself without the need for complicated and expensive hydraulic and electronic systems. The powerful ejection force easily sends chips through the directable chute for efficient spreading of the chipped material onsite or loading into a vehicle to remove from site.

Visitors also saw the new MOTOFROG pedestrian flail mower from Peruzzo, a compact machine with full track option for effective and safe mowing on banks, and wet areas with plenty of traction and ground holding. The 13hp petrol engine has plenty of power for the 75 centimetresm wide flail head which easily cuts and mulches thick vegetation. Forward speed is easily controlled with the 4-speed gear box and easy to operate steering clutches.

Kioti – LM-Trac 286

Kioti revealed the exciting compact multipurpose LM-Trac 286 self propelled vehicle at SALTEX.

The LM-Trac 286 is manufactured by the established Finnish company Oy Lai-Mu. The distribution of these products by Kioti UK Ltd comes after the agreement between Oy Lai-Mu and the parent company of Kioti UK – POLS Group, The Netherlands.

The LM-Trac 286 offers to local authorities, contractors, large estates, and similar concerns an efficient and simple solution to have one drive unit to complete a multiple number of tasks, whilst respecting modern environmental concerns.

As well as the UK the agreement means that Pols will also distribute this product throughout the Benelux, The Netherlands, and France. The product is already well known in The Netherlands.

The units are widely used for effective mechanical and thermic weed control. Other attachments available make the unit the ideal tool for mowing, leaf blowing, sweeping paths and roads with a rotary brush, winter maintenance – snow clearance as well as grit spreading – and collection of dog excrement.

In addition to the LM-Trac 286, the more powerful LM-Trac 387 is also part of the delivery program.

Kioti UK in conjunction with POLS will offer a high level of after care service and support for spare parts and service.

Photos courtesy of SALTEX 2019, Ryetec, and Kioti.

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