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New addition to ICL’s Vitalnova range

Photo: ICL

Vitalnova Links is already gaining plaudits



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25 March 2021 | 0

ICL has announced the launch of Vitalnova Links, a new product within its popular Vitalnova range of biostimulants and turf conditioners.

Vitalnova Links is a new unique formulation consisting of Vitalnova Blade and Vitalnova SeaMax and was initially developed as a ‘custom build’ by the ICL technical area sales team working with customers looking at new and innovative ways to improve turf health and quality without creating excessive growth.

Vitalnova SeaMax is an alkaline extracted concentrated ascophyllum nodosum seaweed which has been proven through extensive research to improve turf colour, turf quality, root development and stress tolerance.

Vitalnova Blade is a unique biostimulant for turf, containing a carefully engineered concentration of carbohydrates (sugars), seaweed and micronutrients.

“Vitalnova Blade and Seamax have both been a great success for many years and were often being tank mixed which lead to increasing requests for a formulation that saw both products together in one formulation,” said Ed Carter, UK sales & development manager, ICL. “We listened and started trials of the combination product which produced impressive results and really positive feedback, so much so that we decided to bring it formally into the Vitalnova range as Links.”

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