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New non-chemical insecticide Protac SF available from NAD for 2020

Spider mites feed on the contents of plant cells causing mottling, discolouration and eventually stunting of growth.

Protac SF is a brand new and unique, non-chemical insecticide with a physical mode of action that will be available exclusively from National Agrochemical Distributors (NAD) in Ireland.



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23 October 2019

Protac SF is a new non-chemical insecticide which utilises a physcial mode of action and will be distributed in Ireland solely by National Agrochemical Distributors (NAD).

Protac SF contains polymeric substances, primarily silicone polymers. Once applied to crops, these compounds create a specific structure – a thin, sticky net – on the body surface of pests.

The structure immediately immobilises pests and rapidly eliminates them with the typical efficacy of a treatment being 80-95%.

Unlike chemical plant protection products, Protac SF has no toxic or any biochemical effect to controlling pests. The product does not contain any conventional pesticides and thus its application does not result in pesticide residues on plants.

Due to its physical mode of action, it does not contribute to selection of pesticide-resistant pests, even when used multiple times. The insecticide can be included in an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan and presents as an alternative to chemical pest control methods.

Protac SF has proven to be very effective against insects such as spider mites, aphids, psyllids, white flies, and thrips.

How it works

The polymeric silicone net structure that forms on the body surfaces of pests following an application of Protac SF, immobilises the insects that feed on plants.

It blocks their physical life functions in multiple ways and quickly leads to the death of herbivorous insects and mites.

Dead insects may remain attached to leaves for a few days but after time will fall off, during rainfall for example.

Because of their strength and constant movement, the polymer network does not get a grip on beneficial insects and has little effect on them.

How to use

Protac SF has a wide range of applications. It is intended for use for vegetable crops, fruit trees and berries, ornamental plants, and cereals.

  • Always spray on dry crop.
  • Protac SF needs to dry quickly; relative humidity below 65% if possible.
  • Do not use if rain is expected within six hours.
  • Protac SF should be used at first sign of pest. If necessary, treatment should be repeated after 5-7 days if insects appear again.
  • Do not mix Protac SF with other substances without prior consultation.

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