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Robotic mowers for the trade now available from Dublin Grass Machinery

The Big Mow from Belrobotics. With its 20,000 metres squared capacity, it can handle very large areas: sports fields, public areas, public or private parks, etc. Photo: Belrobotics.

Robotic mowers can offer sportsturf professionals multiple benefits over traditional mowers. If suitable, robotic mowers can bring with them a new generation of benefits.


Sports & Parks

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24 March 2019

Dublin Grass Machinery have announced they are now dealers for the Belrobotics Commercial Autonomous Mower Range. The Belrobotics range is ideal for commercial autonomous mowing, in particular, sport grounds, schools, and other professional applications.

Belrobotics invented robotic mowers for large areas and professional applications. The autonomous mowers give a perfect cut without human intervention. The benefits include a saving in man-hours, a reduction in mowing costs, as well as environmental benefits.

Belrobotics’s mowers have a great cutting width resulting in more frequent cutting and constantly keeping the grass at its optimum length.

The mowers have two to five floating fixed heads. The floating heads automatically adapt to the configuration of the terrain. Each head has three stainless-steel blades that pulverise the grass into very fine particles. When an obstacle is detected, the blades retract automatically, eliminating all risk of accidents.

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