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The Best New Product and Best New Plant winners from GLAS 2017

With a vast array of new plants and products on show at GLAS, the adjudicators had tough decisions to make when determining the worthy winners.

The quality of the new plants and new products at GLAS 2017 was extraordinary with some exceptional shortlisters and deserved winners



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20 July 2017

Below you will find all of the winners as well as shortlisters for the best new plant and best new product categories as well as interview with some of the exhibitors and winners.

“These trade shows and in particular GLAS, are a really nice way to get exposure to retailers that we want to reach; independent garden centres would be a really important sector for us to reach and we can do that here.” said Elisha Daniels the marketing manager with Hygeia Garden Care, who won best product at GLAS 2017.

“To win best product at GLAS gives us great confidence in a product that we already really believe in anyway, but to get recognition from adjudicators here at GLAS gives us even greater confidence to sell it to our retailers and buyers.” she continued.

Angela Slevin, Sales and Marketing with Kelly’s Nursery spoke to us about what the GLAS event means to their nursery and their plans for the future.

“It is fantastic [to be at GLAS] It is great to get out and meet everybody in the industry, having a meet and greet and catching up with so many people I know from the industry is great, altogether it is a great day and there is a great buzz about the place.

“So far the plant has been growing outside, it is looking great, we have had no problems with diseases, flowering perfectly even with the rain and weather we have been having.” she said.

The chance to exhibit their products and to meet their customers was a crucial aspect for exhibitors here today at GLAS 2017. “It gives us a chance to meet our customers and launch what we believe is an exciting new product to the market”, said John Blessing from Growbox

Niamh Tully from Tully nurseries said: “It is great to showcase our plants to our customers for next year but more importantly to listen to what our customer needs.”

Shortlisted for the best plant award Niamh Tully and Edward O’Keefe discussed their plant – “Ghostly Princess” – and how this highly unusual variety of lavender is making headway across Europe. “It is grabbing the attention of a lot of people and those who are breeding it are very excited about it, so we are confident for next year it will go well for customers.”

From Bord Na Móna Horticulture, Eugene O’Reilly focused on the fact that GLAS brings together all of the top professionals into one place. “It is nice to have all of our current but also potential customers under one roof, they are not just here to see our products but others as well, so it is a great opportunity to meet up and discuss our products in particular.”

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