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3 ways to use social media to promote your garden centre event

Utilising social media correctly can be a powerful way to grow attendance and awareness of your garden centre event. Photo: Tracy Le Blanc.

Nowadays you have to use social media to promote your event, but what are the best ways utilise your social media presence and get people from the web to your event?



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24 September 2018

Garden Connect helps garden centre retailers to attract more customers to their garden centre via innovative online marketing solutions. Currently, over 300 garden centres and business in the garden industry are using their services and are enjoying online success. Here, Garden Connect provide three of the best way to promote your garden centre event effectively through social media.

Create Facebook events

Easy pick, but you shouldn’t forget about this one! Create an event on Facebook, so people visiting the event can let their friends know they are coming. And since friends are mostly like-minded people, they could be interested in joining as well! In case you’re selling online tickets, you should have an option on the thank-you page inviting people to join the event on Facebook.

Pick your hashtag

The more people talk about your event, the better. Promoting one single hashtag helps to channel the online buzz,and you can help this by picking your hashtag, e.g. #LondonGrotto2018 if you have a Grotto in or near London in 2018. Promote this hashtag online, after registering for the event and on the event itself. Visitors will naturally use this hashtag once they are there and it’s easy to join conversations since you can just follow one hashtag.

Find look-a-likes

As mentioned before, your friends’ friends might be interested in your event as well. Facebook allows you to show ads to look-a-likes. To do this, upload the list of registered visitors to Facebook and create a segment with people who have the same demographics. Show them an ad which is meant to drive visitors to events, and they will see an ad with a text like “John Doe is visiting this event”. Easy, yet powerful!

Promoting events on Facebook nowadays is a necessity but does not need to be complicated. Just make sure you do a few things the right way will help a lot! In case you need any support for promoting your events online, contact Garden Connect. Apart from an extensive online ticketing service, we can help you promote your events as well. Go to for more information.

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