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40 UK Organisation unite for trees

The Woodland Trust is leading over 40 organisations in the creation of a modern-day Charter for Trees, Woods and People

The Woodland Trust in the UK is leading over 40 organisations for a brighter future for woods and trees


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6 February 2016


The Woodland Trust is leading 47 cross-sector organisations afrom across the UK in a call to celebrate and secure the future of trees and woodlands by creating a Charter for trees, woods and People.

According to the Woodland Trust the Uk’s trees are facing unprecedented pressures from development, disease and climate change. They also risk being neglected, undervalued and forgotten.

“The charter will be rooted in individuals stories and memories it will provide guidance and inspiration to shape government police and will seek to enlist charter champions who will inspire and raly communities to stand up for trees and woodlands” according to the The Woodland Trust.

Patrick Cregg, Director of the Woodland Trust in Northern Ireland said: “Our collective aim is for a charter that puts tress back at the heart of our lives and communities, and at the centre of decision making. And we are kicking the campaign off by asking local people to share their tree stories and memories so that we can truly recognise the importance of trees to society.”

According to the Trust society and government needs to stop taking trees fro granted and recognise their huge contribution to peoples lives. Research for the Woodland Trust by Europe Economics found that UK woods and trees deliver £270 billion worth of benefits to society. This makes the call for a charter more important than ever according to the Trust.

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