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Irish Apple Market Declining

This year’s event will focus on food sustainability and a celebration of the Irish apple

A recent report by Bord Bia has shown that the Irish apple market is declining year on year



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6 February 2016

The Irish apple market is declining year on year, with shoppers buying less volume per trip driving the decline according to Bord Bia. Smaller packs have been a contributing factor to this volume decrease. It is still a big category, with 101 apple shopping occasions every minute and with the average buyer spending €70.60 on apples every year.

According to the report cooking Apples have declined in value by nearly 20%. It reports that this decline has been driven by falling shopper numbers and less volume being purchased at a lower price. Shoppers have been switching their spend to other fruit types. Dessert apples have won some of this spend, but the main winners are reported to be berries and currants.

Berries have been gaining market share from all the fruits, and now form the largest sector of the market by value. They have a wide variety of uses, appeal to all age groups, and can be consumed at all meal occasions. The same can be said for apples, but they have a more traditional image, whereas consumers are looking for new tastes. Demographically, the strongest growth is in the 35-44 year olds, while the biggest declines are in the under 35’s.

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