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A new way to get children into gardening

Ojo's eyes will indicate how much water is left in the reservoir, indicating to children when it needs to be topped up. Photo: Lechuza.

Ojo is the brainchild of Lechuza and Playmobil with the aim of getting children interested in gardening.



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18 December 2019

Ojo is a new way to introduce children to the world of gardening. Ojo is a planter, but unlike your usual plant pot, Ojo has the head of a Playmobil figurine.

Ojo is a creation from Geobra Brandstatter’s Lechuza and Playmobil brands; an innovative idea aiming to capture the imaginations of our youngest gardeners.

Ojo incorporates a smart stick-irrigation system, which is inserted into the underside of the grow pot. This inner pot is then placed into the outer planter. The stick-irrigation system takes water from the planter’s reservoir and allows moisture to be supplied to the roots evenly.

When Ojo needs more water, his eyes indicate how much is left in the water reservoir, so children can easily top him up.

The planter can be customised with a choice of hairstyles thanks to the accompanying wheatgrass plant set. The set includes a pack of organic wheatgrass seeds, which grow into bushy plants, hence creating the hairstyle of choice. These styles can be mixed and matched to make potting fun and creative.

Ojo is available in two different styles and a choice of six colours: ruby pink, apple green, aquamarine, ocean blue, fire red, and raven black. The Ojo package comes with the special interactive eyes and the award-winning stick-irrigation system.

The wheatgrass plant set can be purchased separately and includes a cover and wick sub-irrigation system, Lechuza-Pon (high-quality mineral stones that act as an alternative to soil), and organic wheatgrass seeds.

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