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A scan, pay, and go app for garden centre customers

The team from Garden Connect and Davidson Richards.

The Scan & Go App will allow customers to scan and pay for their purchases through their mobile phones, transforming their retail experience.



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3 December 2019

Davidson Richards and Garden Connect have partnered to develop joint solutions, the first of which will be an OpSuite Scan & Go App powered by Garden Connect, allowing garden centre customers to scan their own shopping cart and to pay on their mobile. 

“Giving your customers the ability to scan their own purchases in-store and then pay on their phones transforms their retail experience, removing the need to stand and queue at a till point. Alternatively, the Scan & Go App can be used with the customer still scanning their own purchases and at the payment stage, they can be requested to visit any till point using our OpSuite retail management and electronic point-of-sale (EPOS) solution, and the entire customer basket can be processed at the till with a single scan of their phone and the payment processed as usual.”, said Keith Bateman, director of Davidson Richards.

“We were in touch with Davidson Richards last year when one of our customers requested to integrate their webshop with OpSuite. Having gone so well, we started talking with Keith about a closer partnership since it could benefit many of our mutual customers.”, said Edwin Meijer, founder of Garden Connect.

Meijer continued: “We’re both aware some companies are doing everything: EPOS and online marketing. But EPOS is not something you can do as a side job, nor is online marketing. So having a partnership between our two companies will give garden centres the best of both worlds.” 

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