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Bayer launches new total herbicide in Ireland

Pistol Flex can be used as a standalone application on bare ground for pre-emergence stages or it can be mixed with glyphosate to enhance performance. Photo: Bayer.

Bayer is a global leader in providing innovative solutions to pest, weed and plant disease problems in the professional non-crop markets. This encompasses the turf and amenity sector, as well as industrial vegetation management and horticulture.



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23 April 2018

A new pre and early post-emergence total herbicide, for the control of annual and perennial weeds, has been launched into the Irish market by Bayer.

Pistol Flex brings a new active ingredient to the market for broad spectrum control over a wide range of uses including treatments applied to open soil, gravel surfaces, fence lines, industrial areas, and railway ballast.


Greg Collins of the Bayer Turf Solutions Team, explains that the herbicide’s dual active formulation contains 360g/kg diflufenican and 10g/kg iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium.

“This gives a two-pronged approach to weed control, targeting germinating seedlings through residual action, and the leaves on contact.

“The product provides excellent control for even the hardest to tackle weeds and is also compatible for use under a variety of tree and shrub species.”  

Resistance management

Collins added that using Pistol Flex can help amenity contractors to minimise resistance as part of an integrated vegetation management (IVM) programme: “The combined active ingredients give a dual mode of action and therefore reduces the chance of resistance occurring.”

Flexible applications

Collins continued: “The herbicide can be used flexibly, as a standalone application on bare ground for pre-emergence stages. Alternatively, after the two leaf post emergence stage it can be mixed with glyphosate to enhance performance.     

“And due to this robust performance in different environments, the product offers good residual control for three to four months, which may save the operator returning for repeated applications”. 

Pistol Flex is available to purchase from Unichem and Sprayclear Environmental and is supplied in convenient 10g sachets to easily add into a knapsack or 500g packs for those that need to treat a larger area.

For more information visit:  or contact the Turf Solutions Team at

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