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Biohort opens new sheet metal processing centre in Austria

Biohort Headquarters in Neufelden, Austria. Photo: Biohort.

The new plant in Herzogsdorf was built in order to cope with an anticipated growth of 15-20%, in 2019.



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21 February 2019

Biohort recently opened an additional production factory and warehouse in nearby Herzogsdorf, Austria; built in order to cope with an anticipated growth of 15-20% in 2019.

Biohort GmbH is a European market leader of metal storage solutions, currently employing 320 employees with an annual turnover of €66m.

State-of-the-art industry standards

“When we decided to build an additional manufacturing facility, one thing was certain right from the start: in order to be able to ensure the long-term success of Biohort, we have to rely on innovation and state-of-the-art technology. We are particularly proud to operate the most modern sheet metal processing plant in Austria for painted sheet metal in Herzogsdorf.”, said Maximilian Priglinger, managing director at Biohort.

The factory in Herzogsdorf currently employs 50 people, but this figure could triple within the next few years. “12,000 sq metres of the four-hectares (9.88 acres) site have now been used and it is very likely that the newly-built factory will be doubled in size in the next three to four years.”, said Dr Josef Priglinger, CEO.

While the range of sheds, approximately 30,000 units per year, will continue to be produced in the headquarters in Neufelden, production and storage of the smaller storage solutions range, approximately 60,000 units per year, has now been shifted to the new factory in Herzogsdorf.

Biohort has invested €20m in the new location. “In just over a year, we have created the most modern sheet metal production centre in Austria.”, said Priglinger.

The future looks bright for Biohort: sales have been growing between €8-10m per year, and export markets such as Ireland have shown great interest in Biohort’s product range.

Irish partners:

  • DYG Howbert and Mays Gardens.
  • Outdoor Living Munster.
  • The OutdoorScene.
  • Awnings of Ireland.

Facts and figures about Biohorts new plant:

  • 12,000 metres squared production and warehouse space.
  • More than 800 precast concrete elements.
  • 900 t-construction steel.
  • 4,500 pallet storage spaces in the high-bay warehouse.
  • 50 new jobs.

If interested in becoming a dealer or purchasing the Biohort range see for more information, or email

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