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Small Talk with Tim Schram of Schram Plants

Tim Schram of Schram Plants talks to Tim about his upbringing on the family nursery and the industry's challenges including labour shortages and attracting young talent



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24 April 2024

In association with Tully Nurseries

At Growtrade, we’re running an interview series titled ‘Small Talk’, where we talk to various influential members of Ireland’s horticulture trade. This month’s conversation is with Tim Schram from Schram Plants.

How did you get your start in horticulture?

Growing up on the family nursery had its advantages. Every new concrete path, meant further to be able to cycle the bicycle. It might have seemed inevitable that I’d follow my parents footpaths, but it wasn’t always a given. Not until I stuck down Botanic Gardens as one of my CSO options.

What was one of the proudest moments in your career to date?

Taking over my parents’ family business, Schram Plants is definitely up there. Being able to grow the business further, and being  able to allow them to retire comfortable, after all their hard work in building it from the ground up.

What was one of the greatest challenges you’ve faced in your career to date?

Taking over the family business was probably also my greatest challenge. Taking a business over that is already up and running and keeping the staff in employment was also a swim or sink moment. Especially if it has your name over the door.

Give us an example of a recent success you had in your work.

Supplying plants to winning gardens in Chelsea and starting park in the same year. Great to see plants grown used to their full potential.

What are the greatest challenges facing the industry today?

Labour shortages and lack of young talent taking up horticulture would be the greatest challenge facing the industry. 

What are the greatest opportunities facing the industry today?

We have a fantastic climate for growing plants in our country. There is a lack of knowledge in the industry. Seeing that catch up and for Ireland to become an even bigger player in ornamental plant export would be great.

What advice would you give to someone just starting their career in horticulture?

This industry is so diverse, it has many facets, and avenues. It can be very rewarding. Working with nature is fascinating and fantastic at the same time. It’s not without its challenges but what career is?

What are your hopes for the future of Irish horticulture?

To see nurseries growing more Irish plants that compete with foreign imports would be the ultimate goal. Irish nurseries are growing fantastic plants, in many cases much better than the imports, that don’t need to travel. Plants being imported, that can otherwise be grown here and support local jobs and economy, is a shame to see.

Schram Plants Ltd supplies a variety of plants to garden centres, landscapers, park departments, and local authorities nationwide under the “Nice & Easy” brand. They specialise in Herbaceous Perennials and Alpines, along with Herbs, Grasses, Roses, Ferns, and Bamboos for trade.

Small Talk is produced in association with Tully Nurseries, one of Ireland’s wholesale nurseries supplying landscape contractors, garden centres, DIYs and supermarkets in Ireland and the UK. For more visit

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