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Organic matter testing added to ICL Turf Rewards

This service will provide invaluable insights into soil health and turf performance


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23 April 2024

European Turfgrass Laboratories organic matter profile testing has been added to Turf Rewards as a new reward for 2024. This service will provide invaluable insights into soil health and turf performance.

For just 20 points, Turf Rewards members can now claim organic matter profile testing through European Turfgrass Laboratories’ A2LA-Accredited laboratory.

This new reward permits the analysis of three greens at four different depths, delivering a detailed overview of the organic matter levels within your soil profile.

Detailed testing

This information is beneficial for the effective management of organic matter, helping to ensure optimal soil health and turf performance.

Measuring the organic matter at 20 mm segments in the greens is the only method through which organic matter can be accurately measured and subsequently managed.

These results can be used to determine how often and the best practice to de-thatch your greens.

Different depths

Testing the organic matter at different depths can also help assess the areas in the profile where improvements are required.

Each core is divided into four increments: 0-20mm, 20-40mm, 40-60mm and 60-80mm and each increment is tested by Loss-on-Ignition using the ASTM Standard: F1647 (Method A) “Organic Matter Content of Athletic Field Rootzone Mixes”.

The reward is available to claim on both the UK and Ireland Turf Rewards schemes.

For more information, visit here.

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