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DLF Seeds encourages retailers to ensure sufficient stock of natural plant products as peak season occurs

Neudorff's organic tomato feed. Photo: Neudorff.

The Covid-19 lockdown would've inspired many stuck at home to pursue gardening interests; bringing a new cohort of consumers to retailers during the peak season for plant fertiliser and other organic products.



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1 July 2020

DLF Seeds is urging retailers to ensure that sufficient stock is available to coincide with the season’s highest levels of demand for products that effectively control common pests such as slugs and ants.

The sales season for tomato and plant fertiliser is peaking as consumers plant out young ornamental and edible plants from June onwards. 

“The warm, sunny spring combined with a resurgence of interest in grow-your-own during lockdown is set to create considerable demand for natural plant protection products and fertilisers.”, said Guy Jenkins, Johnsons Lawn Seed’s consumer manager.

Jenkins said Neudorff’ has a long and prestigious heritage in natural gardening and its tried-and-tested formulations are ideally positioned to appeal to a growing band of eco-friendly, organic and vegan consumers who are actively seeking gardening products that are gentle to people, pets and the environment.

Jenkins added: “With novice gardeners who dabbled in grow-your-own for the first time during lockdown now heading to retail outlets in addition to experienced gardeners, it is vital that stockists maximise the full potential of Neudorff’s iconic sunflower logo-emblazoned portfolio at a time when the opportunity to inspire and capture a new audience has never been greater. Neudorff’s innovative and creative merchandising solutions offer retailers the highest opportunity to drive footfall and further develop the expanding naturals sector.” 

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