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Newbridge Family Resource Centre seeks contractors for sensory garden development

The deadline for application is July 22. Photo: Newbridge Family Resource Centre.

A sensory garden is a garden environment that is designed with the purpose of stimulating the senses through the use of certain materials and plants.



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1 July 2020

At Growtrade we highlight public procurement opportunities from around Ireland that would be suitable to landscapists, growers, turfgrass professionals, horticulturalists, and forestry professionals.

Here is one such tender, suitable for professional landscapists from Newbridge Family Resource Centre who seeks contractors for the development of a sensory garden at its location in County Kildare.

Detailed description

Newbridge Family Resource Centre seeks tenders for the development of a sensory garden, in Newbridge, to include the completion of hard and soft landscaping.

Contracting authority: Newbridge Family Resource Centre, Dara Park, Newbridge, County Kildare, Ireland. Contact: Orla Laydon.

Type of contract: Works.

Response deadline: 22/07/2020 15:00:00 (Irish time).

CPV codes

03451000-6  Plants.
03451100-7  Bedding plants.
03452000-3  Trees.
14210000-6  Gravel, sand, crushed stone and aggregates.
14212120-7  Gravel.
14212210-5  Sand-gravel mix.
34928450-7  Bollards.
45112712-9  Landscaping work for gardens.
45233291-5  Installation of bollards.
45432112-2  Laying of paving.
71421000-5  Landscape gardening services.
77311000-3  Ornamental and pleasure gardens maintenance services.

This contract can be viewed and applied for here. Documents pertaining to this contract are available following an expression of interest.

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