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Doyle praises Talking Timber Events

The Talking Timber events offered advice and training to those working in the forestry industry

Minister Doyle praises the impact Teagasc's Talking Timber has on visitors to the shows


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2 October 2016

In his opening address to the ‘Talking Timber’ event held recently in the Auburn Lodge Hotel, Ennis, Co. Clare, Andrew Doyle, TD, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine with responsibility for Forestry, highlighted the event as “an opportunity to learn and listen about the timber sales process and all that involves, particularly in relation to harvesting options and how to maximise return from your investment in forestry”.

In his opening speech to the attendance at the Ennis event, Minister of State Doyle commented that “A properly managed forest can provide an income through thinning, which in turn will help to maximise the volume and quality of the final timber crop, as well as the income for the forest owner at final felling stage” and continued “The options available to a forest owner considering harvesting or selling their timber have to be examined and considered. This event is an opportunity to find out more about the options available, to seek advice and make contacts and hopefully, bring away the knowledge you need to make an informed decision on how to proceed”.

The event was the second of three ‘Talking Timber’ events in 2016, organised by Teagasc in conjunction with the Department’s Forest Service and with the co-operation of the Irish timber industry. He commended Teagasc, particularly the staff of the Forestry Development Department, for the organisation of the three events and thanked the other representatives of the forestry and timber sector for their support and participation in the events. He concluded by stating his belief “that this collaborative approach is essential in successfully promoting forestry and in pursuing the further development of the sector into the future”.

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