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Easy does it with John Deere’s new compact tractor

The new John Deere 3038E compact tractor. Photo: John Deere.

John Deere’s new 3038E compact tractor, which replaces the previous 3036E model, is designed for a wide range of amenity sportsturf and estate operations.


Sports & Parks

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28 March 2018

John Deere’s new 3038E compact tractor is an economical and versatile machine suitable for a wide variety of customers, including landscape contractors, groundscare maintenance service providers, sports turf managers, rural property owners, and equestrian operations.

The 3038E is equipped with a powerful, emissions-compliant Stage IV diesel engine developing 37.3hp. A hydrostatic transmission with Twin Touch foot pedals provides the operator with simple, comfortable controls to select exactly the right speed for the job at hand.

Combined with power assisted steering, the Twin Touch pedals are intuitive and easy to use and enable the operator to maximise productivity. The tractor’s independent power take off shaft can be engaged on the go, eliminating the need to stop and use the clutch. The 3038E also features an easy-lift bonnet that provides wide-open access to the engine bay for maintenance.

A new 300E front loader has been designed to complement the 3038E and features a curved boom and durable components. Together with the tractor’s tight turning circle, this offers a highly manoeuvrable combination for materials handling, whether working indoors or outdoors. Four-wheel drive is available as standard for more demanding applications and difficult ground conditions.

The 3038E compact tractor also offers telescoping draft links as a factory or field installed option. This makes attaching and removing rear implements very easy and increases overall performance in the field. This option is compatible with a wide range of implements, including mowers, rear blades and posthole diggers.

“This new tractor is easy to operate, easy to maintain, easy to own and easy to buy,” says Carlos Aragones, John Deere’s European turf segment manager. “No matter what the task, the 3038E compact tractor delivers John Deere quality and reliability at a budget-friendly price.”

To get the latest information on the 3038E compact tractor and other John Deere products contact Dublin Grass Machinery.

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