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Garden Connect develops emergency webshop service for struggling garden centre retailers

Warbreck Garden Centre is one such garden centre that has taken advantage of Garden Connect's emergency webshop service. Photo: Garden Connect.

To make business easier in these challenging times, Garden Connect has developed an emergency webshop service for garden centre retailers.



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7 April 2020

Due to Covid-19, many garden centres in Ireland and other parts of the world are shutting down. The timing couldn’t have been worse with spring just around the corner and temperatures on the rise.

Emergency webshop

To make business easier in these challenging times, Garden Connect has developed an emergency-webshop service. The first customers are already live with this new webshop service, one of them being Warbreck Garden Centre in Lancashire.

Features and benefits

Setting up a webshop usually takes about 8-12 weeks but Garden Connect has managed to bring this down to only one week. Their emergency webshops have the following features:

  • Advanced option for delivery and pickup.
  • Easy-to-use content management system.
  • Standard design, based on proven successful webshops.
  • Online payment integration: Sagepay, Worldpay, and PayPal.
  • Optional: OpSuite/RetailVista integration.
  • No charges per order.

Retailers can import product information quickly via Excel. In conjunction with Garden Connect’s EFSA partners, they are happy to help you import product information of suppliers like Capi, Esschert, Velda, and others. This will save retailers a lot of time and is free of charge.

Lacoste Garden Centre in Winnipeg, Canada, also decided to move forward with an emergency webshop of Garden Connect.

After the spring, it is also possible to upgrade your webshop to a full version for your garden centre including Garden Connect’s unique content service.

Pricing and payment

Garden Connect currently has a flexible payment option for centres who are struggling with their cashflow at the moment and are pleased to offer the service at a reasonable price.

Email Sjors Hemmen in Garden Connect or call +44 (0)203-475-5541 if you want to learn more.

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