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Garden Connect launches IGCA 2022 app

Garden Connect to host a Dinner Cruise through Amsterdam the night before the event kicks off



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28 July 2022

Garden Connect has developed the website and app for the International Garden Centre Association (IGCA) Congress 2022.

Brand new for 2022, the app will be used by all 220 delegates during the congress to find more information about the itinerary. It will be used for showing the agenda, speakers and other practical information about the IGCA 2022 in Amsterdam.

In the app, attendees will be able to answer polling questions after each visit as well as asking questions, as well as share photos and ideas with other delegates. It will also be used to send out push notifications with updates before and during the congress.

IGCA 2022

The IGCA 2022 Congress, organised by Tuinbranche Netherlands, will return to Amsterdam next month. Running from 28 August to 2 September, visitors will have the opportunity to visit Dutch garden centres and discover how innovation is taking place in the industry.

The IGCA is an independent non-profit organisation committed to the continuous improvement of the garden centre industry worldwide.

Canal Cruise

For the last 20 years, Garden Connect has helped garden centres expand their businesses online. To align its anniversary celebrations with the IGCA Congress, Garden Connect is hosting a Dinner Cruise through Amsterdam on 27 August. Register here to book your spot on the IGCA 2022 Canal Cruise.

You can register to visit the IGCA 2022 Congress in Amsterdam via the registration page.

Visit Garden Connect for more information. The app is available on the Google Play Store and the and Apple Store.

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