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Garden Connect launches guide to establishing Instagram, Facebook shops

Photo: Joe Keogh.

Proven to be a good way to generate extra visitors, and hopefully customers, to your website



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8 September 2022

Garden Connect has published a blogpost outlining how a garden centre retailer can link their webshop to Instagram or Facebook. From setting up your catalogue to tagging products in posts, it outlines each step of the process.

A garden centre retailer can use Facebook shops to show products on Facebook and Instagram. It is linked to a business’s page on Facebook and/or business Instagram page. Their social media followers can see products, view information, and click through to the webshop to buy them. Retailers can also tag products in posts they place on Facebook and Instagram, making it an effective way of marketing.

Linking your webshop to Facebook and Instagram not only leads visitors from Instagram to your webshop, but it lets you tag products in posts so that your followers can quickly see them, making it a good way to generate extra visitors to your website and, hopefully, customers to your webshop and garden centre.

For more information on linking your webshop to Instagram or Facebook, please visit:

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