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GLAS 2019 New Product New Plant finalists revealed

From left to right, the GLAS 2019 expert panel of judges: Micheal Devitt, of Newlands Home and Garden Centre; Rachel Doyle, of Arboretum; and Gerry Daly, editor of the Irish Garden Magazine. Photo: GLAS Team.

Expert judges have whittled the New Product New Plant showcase down to just a few finalists. Be sure not to miss out on who will be declared the winners of the Best New Product and Best New Plant categories at the awards ceremony, which will take place in Learning Theatre 1, today, at 11.05am.



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18 July 2019

by Julia O’Reilly

One of the biggest highlights of today’s Garden Landscape and Amenity Sportsturf (GLAS) trade show is of course, the New Product New Plant showcase and Best in Show Awards.

You will find below the finalists of the New Product New Plant showcase which have been picked by a GLAS expert panel of judges: Gerry Daly, editor of The Irish Garden Magazine; Micheal Devitt, of Newlands Home and Garden Centre; and Rachel Doyle, of Arboretum.

The GLAS 2019 New Product New Plant awards presentation will take place in Theatre 1 at 11.05am today, where the winners will be declared, so don’t miss out.

Congratulations to all of the finalists and the very best of luck to each and every one of you ahead of today’s award ceremony.

Best New Plant finalists

Agapanthus “Fireworks” – Tully Nurseries – Stand: H4

Apaganthus “Fireworks” is the first ever re-blooming evergreen bi-coloured Agapanthus in the world. It won third place at the Chelsea Flower Show 2019 and overall winner at the Horticultural Trades Association 2019. It is part of their three-litre premium collection of Agapanthus for 2020.

Clematis “Sugar Sweet” – Amour Nurseries – Stand: F2

The Sugar-Sweet Series is a new line of wilt-resistant Clematis with beautiful, fragrant flowers. Sugar-Sweet fragrance is reminiscent of gardenias. It is one of the only flat-petalled, larger flowered, scented clematis in cultivation. In addition to the beautiful smell, the flowers put on a stunning show with blue, star-shaped blooms that develop silvery white central stripes as they age.

Delphinium “Highlander Flamenco” – Schram Plants – Stand: G3

Pittosporum “Bannow Bay” – Newey – Stand: I4

A truly exciting new addition to the range of dwarf Pittosporum varieties. Originating as a sport of “Tom Thumb”, it’s intensely mottled pink and plum from October to spring until new variegated cream and olive-green variegated leaves appear and then progress to various shades of pink mixed with cream and green for the summer period.

Rosa persica “Looking for Love” – Rentes Plants – Stand: F3

This plant is one of the “Persica” hybrids tracing its ancestry back to the original hybrids produced by Jack Harkness in the 1970s.

Xerochrysum “Granvia Gold” – Newey – Stand: I4

Remarkably big flowers with an intense bright yellow colour. The heart turns orange as the flower matures and the pollen appears. Strong variety with good branching. Huge, long-lasting flowers

Best New Product finalists  

Katoun Gold – Belchim Crop – Stand: J8

An emulsifiable concentrated formula containing 500g/L fatty acid pelargonic acid and is non-selective contact herbicide for use on amenity vegetation (bare soil around trees and woody shrubs), non-crop permeable surface overlying soil including gravel pathways, and nursery and ornamental plant production.

Probio Carbon – Probio Carbon – Stand: L5

Plant and soil health – applied as a probiotic tonic to the soil – is a mix of beneficial bacteria which produce phyto-hormones, anti-fungal agents, and metabolites which promote the growth of roots and shoots of the plant. Probio Carbon resolves the age-old problem of over-cultivated, tired, lifeless soil. Beneficial organisms, such as Bacillus sp., Pseudomonas sp., Azotobacter sp., and rhizobia, as well as many more organisms can be added to the watering system by growers. Bacteria finally settle in the root area of the plant, feeding off the root exudation and exerting their beneficial effects on the plant.

Robotic Mower Range – Gardena – Stand: L16

GARDENA SILENO: a robotic mower range developed by German brand GARDENA, who have over 50 years of gardening experience and creative ingenuity. The GARDENA SILENO is a city/suburban robotic mower. Being the quietest robotic mower on the market, only producing 58dB, means it’s perfectly acceptable to have the mower operate at night. Furthermore, it is the only robotic mower that can be cleaned using a hose. The GARDENA SILENO range has 6 models, with the cutting area capacity being as great as 1600 metres sqaured. GARDENA SILENO can connect to your home smart system through GARDENA SMART SYSTEM, enabling an even more integrated and intelligent home.

Sequoia – NAD – Stand: H5

The Excelion Alpha Grass Cutter – Camsaw – Stand: F8

Transparent Green PET – JF Mckenna – Stand: G6

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