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Golden Year for Kildare Growers

The Kildare Growers won their second gold in two years at Bloom this year

Kieran Dunne of the Kildare Growers Group takes a look back over another fantastic year for the group



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31 August 2016

As Irish growers will know too well we operate in an industry where it is impossible to simply stand still and wait for things to happen. We are all part of an industry which keeps us having to constantly adapt and innovate and if we stop at all we will soon find ourselves out of business.

And while the past few years have placed challenges in front of many of us we have found that the measurers that the Kildare Growers Group have put in place are showing positive returns. We have seen that Irish plant sales are up 50% on 2015 which shows us that things are moving in the right direction.

As has been the case for the last number of years, 2016 has seen a clear focus on the promotion and marketing of our stock and also Irish plants in general for the group. The fruits of our labour were clearly seen at Bloom over the June Bank Holiday where we won our second Gold medal in the tens years we have been at it.

Showcasing the best in Irish plants and the expert design skills of Anthony Ryan the garden proved very popular with both visitors and the show garden judges. This is a true accolade for all the hard work and time spent designing and creating the Crumlin Children’s Hospital Garden.

From an investment perspective, our hard work and involvement with Bloom has really paid off. We set out to promote Irish stock and were featured in the press for weeks prior to the show and for weeks after it as well. We will be monitoring the direct and indirect benefits over the coming months but so far our involvement has really paid off.

Following previous trade missions to horticultural shows around England, the belief that Bloom and the Irish industry supporting it is on par if not ahead of its British counterpart. The show continues to grow and promote the high standards of the Irish nursery and design sector.

Our mission is to promote Irish grown plants not only within Ireland but globally too. And we want to drive home the message that Irish grown plants can outshine plants from anywhere else in the world in terms of quality. In 2016 we will be showcasing the best of Irish plants not only at Bloom but also with an exhibit at the National Plant Show in England and at Four Oaks in England too.

While the coming year will no doubt present us with more challenges, especially as the impact of Brexit on Irish horticulture unravels, members of the Kildare Growers Group are better placed than ever to meet whatever challenges face them head on and enter 2017 as a strong group.

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