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Open call for proposals for €1m Woodland Support Funding

Projects are to be delivered by the end of 2022

Seeking projects that support and highlight the environmental, social and economic benefits of woodlands, forests and timber products



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6 May 2021

The government has launched a public call for innovative projects which support and highlight the environmental, social and economic benefits of woodlands, forests and timber products.

Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Pippa Hackett has said funding will be allocated by her department by means of an open competition under a Woodland Support Fund. The fund is valued at €1 million euro and projects are to be delivered by the end of 2022.

“We are looking for projects and proposals which deal with all aspects of woodland and forestry, and highlight all their benefits, from economic, to well-being, to the environment,” said Minister Hackett. “When we ran a similar call in 2019, we received some brilliant applications from schools, NGOs, farm bodies and Community Groups. I want to harness that enthusiasm again to promote a greater understanding of the multi-functional benefits of our woodlands.”

The four themes identified on which applications are invited, from any group or individual are as follows:

  1. Support and highlight the environmental benefits of woodlands.
  2. Support and highlight the benefits of woodlands, focussing on farmers, and / or community engagement and / or general wellness.
  3. Support and highlight productive forestry and timber products, in the context of climate action and the bioeconomy.
  4. Support and highlight sustainable forest management amongst forest owners (targeted at organisations already active in this area with established programmes in operation).

“We have a relatively low level of woodland cover in Ireland compared to other European countries, so there is huge potential to develop and grow many more trees to enable us and future generations to enjoy their benefits,” added Minister Hackett. “Encouraging farmers to seriously consider planting all types of woodland is one important aspect of this initiative, while the introduction of a separate theme looking at the environmental benefits of forests is another. So I am really looking forward to seeing innovative projects, across all themes, which will highlight how, as a society, we can gain from sustainable woodland creation and management.”

Proposals must be submitted by 24 May. Completed application forms can be submitted via:

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